4 reasons why Florida is best state in the universe for comic cons

Is Florida “The Sunshine State” or the “Comic Con State”?

So much attention is given to Florida beaches, entertainment, parks and nightlife that the best part of The Sunshine State gets no attention – comic cons. Sure, many of the best beaches in the nation are in Florida, but, in fairness, so are many of the best comic conventions. Plus, have you ever been badly sunburned at a comic con?

Here are four reasons why Florida is the best state in the universe for comic cons:

  1. Florida has legit comic cons everywhere, all the time

Florida has more than 25 legit comic cons per year — averaging more than two per month, though summer is the busiest season accounting for more than one-third of the total events.  This means people of all ages throughout the state cosplay year-round. Not a lot of states offer such opportunity for comic con adventure and collectables close-by on such a regular basis.

2.  More comic cons on a tankful than anywhere in the universe

Orlando is within two hours to more than 10 annual comic cons. Tampa Bay is the same distance to nearly 10. South Florida hosts more than five and is within two hours of another one. North Florida has tremendous comic cons from Pensacola to Tallahassee to Jacksonville. If you’re in Florida chances are you’re a tankful from a bunch of comic cons all the time. Use our Con Calendar to find your nearest comic convention and use our Plan Your Tour tool to calculate travel time and fuel costs as well as get maps for your trips.

3.  Florida comic cons are among largest in nation

Florida comic cons rank among the largest in the nation (Orlando Megacon draws more than 500,000 people) to the largest in the southeastern U.S. (Tampa Bay Comic Con attracts more than 50,000 people). Use our Con Calendar to learn more about each event, as well as the 23 others throughout the state.

4. Florida’s mid- and small-sized conventions are legit

Florida has mid- and small-sized conventions throughout the state that attract nationally-known artists and authors who meet and greet fans.  Panel discussions are solid and afterparties blast. The cons have a strong emphasis on comics and a wide array of collectables. The environments often offer less standing-in-line and more interaction than the larger conventions. And the fan cosplay is always seriously well-done.

What is Florida Comic Cons?

Florida Comic Cons is a fan and news media website of comic conventions in Florida that:

  • Reports the latest news on legit comic cons like guest announcements and event updates
  • Posts ongoing blogs about movies, comics and other parts of the fandom
  • Invites popular cosplayers to blog about costume design and creation as well as to share photos from comic conventions
  • Helps avid fans plan trips to the many comic cons in Florida
  • Does on-the-scene interviews and music videos from comic cons

Florida Comic Cons started because a dad and his daughters learned it was way too difficult to plan a comic con tour in The Sunshine State – where people cosplay year-round! So, we made it easy for you and your peeps or family to plan a tour of multiple comic cons using the latest info. Use our Con Calendar to find your nearest comic convention and use our Plan Your Tour tool to calculate travel time and fuel costs as well as get maps for your trips.