Genshin Impact and To Your Eternity Voice Actor Valeria Rodriguez to Appear at St Pete Comic Con 2023

Voice actor, Valeria Rodriguez, who voices characters like Sucrose from Genshin Impact and Parona from To Your Eternity, is scheduled to appear at St Pete Comic Con 2023 on January 7-8. The convention will be held at the Coliseum in historic St. Petersburg, Florida. Rodriguez is also known for voicing in media like SMITE and Cookie Run Kingdom.

Our Favorite Valeria Rodriguez Characters

In honor of Rodriguez appearing at St. Pete Comic Con, Florida Comic Cons presents our 8 favorite Rodriguez characters.

  1. Sucrose from Genshin Impact
  2. Parona from to Your Eternity
  3. Strawberry Crepe Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom
  4. Kusue Hakozaki from I’m Standing On A Million Lives
  5. Caustic Skies Nu Wa from SMITE
  6. Rav3n the Morrigan from SMITE
  7. Rachel from Guardian Tales
  8. Coco from Guardian Tales

1. Sucrose from Genshin Impact

Sucrose is a talented Alchemist for the Knights of Favonius. She specializes in Bio-alchemy and is Albedo‘s assistant. At first, Sucrose seems to be extremely shy and timid and not really interested in the lives of those around her, but this is just because she finds working on alchemy easier than social interactions.

She wants to discover the “secrets of life” and is willing to spend almost all of her time researching alchemy. Her findings are often numerous and detailed, even if the results don’t seem useful. Sucrose is a playable character in the game Genshin Impact. She uses air elemental attacks to fight against enemies.

Here is a sample of Sucroses voice lines uploaded to Youtube by Trashy-Kun.

2. Parona From To Your Eternity

Parona, from To Your Eternity, is a incredible survivor, being skilled in archery and hand to hand combat. At a young age she was driven out of her home after hiding in the woods to avoid being chosen as a sacrifice. Eventually, Parona found a new village where she was allowed to grow and develop her skills, while also befriending a little girl named March. Parona regularly makes time to play with March, even making her dolls to play “house” with. Parona has intense control over her emotions as she is able to think clearly and resourcefully even when faced with a crisis.

3. Strawberry Crepe Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdoms

Strawberry Crepe Cookie, from Cookie Run Kingdom, is often demanding of others and stubborn, despite their cute appearance. They are self-centered and demand that anyone around them amuse them at all times by forcing them to “play.” However, Strawberry Crepe Cookie is highly intelligent and highly analytical. They are a master in robotics, and many consider them a child prodigy because of their young age. This causes Strawberry Crepe Cookie to be cold towards others and extremely arrogant.

Strawberry Crepe Cookie is an epic level cookie that when revived immediately joins forces with the Dark Enchantress Cookie because she allows them to do whatever they want.

Watch this video of Strawberry Crepe Cookie meeting Clotted Cream Cookie by Balriam on Youtube.

4. Kusue Hakozaki From I’m Standing On A Million Lives

Kusue Hakozaki, from I’m Standing On A Million Lives, is often timid and scared. This is in part due to the fact she grew up with a chronic illness that has given her a weak constitution. Kusue and two other friends get transported to another world, where she is given the Warrior class. However, because of her illness she is extremely physically weak and can’t even lift the sword. It takes a lot of time and dedication to training to be able to use the sword.

At first when faced with danger, Kusue is able to stand up and be courageous, but afterwards she is known to run away terrified. One day her dream is to enroll in a prestigious university known for its medical department.

5. Caustic Skies Nu Wa from SMITE

Caustic Skies Nu Wa is one of the skins for Nu Wa in SMITE. The character Nu Wa is based off of the Chines deity, Nüwa. She is created the Heaven Pillar and is the mother goddess. In the past Nu Wa created people from clay and can summon them to help her in the game. When the Earth was in danger she created four mystical stones that each represented an element and used them to seal the Heavens and Earth in place so they would not collide and be destroyed.

Now the gods of different pantheons from around the world are fighting once more and Nu Wa must protect the Earth from danger again. This is a drastic change to Caustic Skies Nu Wa who feels like she will bring doomsday. Some of her voice lines even reference J. Robert Oppenheimer, the creator of the atomic bomb.

Watch this video by Elu on Youtube showing the voice lines for Caustic Skies Nu Wa.

6. Rav3n the Morrigan from SMITE

Rav3n is an exclusive skin for The Morrigan in SMITE. The Morrigan is based of the Celtic goddess The Morrígan. Originally there were three separate goddesses who oversaw sovereignty, war, and death, but now they are one being: The Morrigan. She is the only diety that claims mastery over fate, and is always present to when war starts.

The Rav3n skin takes the Morrigan into the future by making her tech savvy. Rather than being one with her sisters now she uses holograms to assist her. And now instead of the serious and deadly goddess of war and death, Rav3n is more light hearted and playful, using technology to solve the problems around her.

Watch this video be Elu on Youtube showing the voice lines for Rav3n.

7. Rachel From Guardian Tales

Rachel from Guardian Tales dreams of being a pirate. Specifically, she wants to be the pirate queen. Rachel gained inspiration from a comic book that showed her pirates are adventurous and always ready to help those in need. And while she still has a long way to go to be recognized as “The Crimson Rose” Pirate Queen, Rachel is always ready to sail out and go on a new adventure.

Watch this video by MIchsanA on Youtube showcase Rachel’s voice lines and abilities.

8. Coco From Guardian Tales

Coco from Guardian Tales is from the Innuit tribe on Mt. Shivering. While most members of the tribe do not possess magic, Coco is descended from a cursed blood-line granting her powerful magic. Once Coco learns this, she isolates herself with only her sled dog so as not to harm anyone around her. Yet she still has a sense of justice and works hard to prove the innocence of a young girl, Mako, who was accused of murder.

Watch this video by MIchsanA on Youtube showcases Coco’s voice lines and abilities.

Meet Valeria Rodriguez at St Pete Comic Con 2023

You’ll have the chance to meet Valeria Rodriguez at St Pete Comic Con in St. Petersburg, Florida January 7-8. It’s being held at The Coliseum and surrounding area in historic downtown (same location as St Pete Comic Con 2022). Tickets are affordable with $30 for single day and $45 for weekend pass.

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