Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine Brings You 14 Incredible Cosplayers to Kick Off the Fall Season

The Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine celebrates cosplayers from across the Sunshine State! This month’s magazine features 7 incredible cosplayers, each showcasing their favorite cosplays. In addition, the magazine promotes bonus cosplayers as well as a cosplay tutorial about dying faux flowers. Take a look at the September Issue: “14 incredible Cosplayers to Kick Off the Fall Season.”

The September Cover of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine

September’s cover features @Tiarabreecosplay, as Reika from Gantz. @Tiarabreecosplay is known for her stunning photos and ability to bring new life to her favorite characters. She is a cosplay guest at Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay on December 10-11 and is available for autographs and photos.


Here is @Tiarabreecosplay, portraying Mitsuri from Demon Slayer. See more of her in this month’s magazine!

Featured Cosplayers in Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine‘s September issue features 6 more cosplayers as well as a number of bonus cosplayers. See them all in this month’s issue.

woman with brown hair and glasses in an orange sweater is scared.
@Lexilovealways as Velma from Scooby-Dew.
man with glasses is smiling holding a paper in his left hand with a giant F on it. the other hand has another paper with a "super" F and a cape
@Stonecuttercosplay as Mr. Crocker from The Fairly Odd Parents.
character in the foreground is dressed like the sun and posed excited. character in the background is dressed like the moon and is holding its hands up in a creepy position. the eyes are glowing.
@Spyderpool as Moon from Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach.
Character with a detailed blue shirt is standing on a stone bench in a garden. They are dramatically fanning themself.
@Queenparadisecosplay as Johann from The Adventure Zone.
Woman in a red dress and a big white fur coat with black and white split hair is standing in a winter backdrop.
@Vvventertainment as Cruella from 101 Dalmatians.

Cosplay Tutorial: How to Dye Faux Flowers

@Summerfirecosplay is here to show you how to dye faux flowers so you can get the exact color you need for your cosplay. The craft only takes five steps and all you need is synthetic fabric dye, your faux flowers of choice, protective gloves, dish detergent, hot water, and a disposable container.

Become A Featured Cosplayer in Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine!

If you are a cosplayer in Florida, submit to the Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine! We accept cosplayers of all levels and experience. All we require is that you cosplay and  that you live in Florida.

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