Cosplayers and comic legends are two hours away from Tampa Bay at SW-FloridaCon in Fort Myers

Headliners include comic book legend Jim Shooter of Marvel and DC and
Allen Milgrom of Rocket Racoon and Firestorm.

Cosplayers and comic legends are two hours away from Tampa Bay this weekend at the fourth annual SW-FloridaCon in Fort Myers. More than 3,500 fans are expected to attend SW-FloridaCon on Saturday, November 23 at the Crowne Plaza hotel. Tickets are $20 and parking is free. Learn more at

“SW-FloridaCon is a bright spot on our comic con calendar for avid cosplayers and fans,” said Dewey Caruthers, founder of Florida Comic Cons, a news media website of comic cons in Florida. November is a slow month for comic conventions in The Sunshine State, which has more than 25 annual events that peak in July, according to Florida Comic Cons.

SW-FloridaCon – attendance nearly 3,000 last year — attracts fans of multiple genres such as comic books, toys, pop-culture, wrestling, gaming, cosplay, anime, science-fiction and fantasy. The show will have more than 125 exhibitors that cater to a wide-spectrum of fan interests, as well as a roster of comic industry professionals and fandom-related celebrities.

The top headliner is comic book legend Jim Shooter, who has a long and rich history with Marvel and DC comics. He was Marvel Comics’ ninth editor-in-chief, where he was largely in charge of creative decision-making at the New York City headquarters when Stan Lee relocated to Los Angeles to better oversee Marvel’s animation, television and film projects. Shooter started his storied career as a young teenager who began selling stories to DC Comics, writing for Superman, Supergirl, and Legion of Superheroes. “Jim Shooter really is a legend, he’s the real thing,” Caruthers said.

Another headliner is Allen Milgrom, a comic book writer, penciller, inker for Marvel Comics that included a long run with Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spiderman. He is well-known for his decade-long stint as editor of Marvel Fanfare. Milgrom also worked at DC, where he created the original Firestorm. “Milgrom has worked on so much of Marvel’s lineup that his name appears In the film Ant-Man when Scott Lang and his crew stay at the Milgrom Hotel, an homage to him,” Caruthers said.

Comic cons are a pop-culture phenomenon sweeping the U.S., according to Florida Comic Cons. “It’s fantastic, amazing, incredible and spectacular that Fort Myers has such a legit comic con,” Caruthers said.

Most Floridians are within a 2 ½ hour drive to numerous comic cons each month, with more during the summer months. Short drives are only part of the reason that Florida should change its name from “The Sunshine State” to “The Comic Con State.” More at the blog “4 reasons why Florida is the best state in the universe for comic cons.”

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