Appearing at a new anime convention in St. Petersburg: Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Young Kyojuro Rengoku from Demon Slayer (aka voice actor Ryan Bartley)

Anime voice actor Ryan Bartley who voices popular characters like Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Young Kyojuro Rengoku from Demon Slayer is scheduled to appear at a new anime convention in St. Petersburg, Florida called “Anime St. Pete” on September 17-18 at the Coliseum. Also, she voices characters in other shows like Hunter x Hunter,  and Re:Zero.

Bartley fell into voice acting in 2013 with her first significant anime role being Komugi in Hunter x Hunter. Since then, Bartley has stayed busy in the voiceover world, landing parts on many successful shows.


Our 8 Favorite Ryan Bartley Anime Characters

In honor of Bartley appearing at Anime St. Pete, Florida Comic Cons presents our 8 favorite Bartley characters (in order).

  1. Komugi from Hunter x Hunter
  2. Young Kyojuro Rengoku from Demon Slayer
  3. Tsubomi Takane from Mob Psycho 100
  4. Ram from Re:Zero
  5. Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion
  6. Angela Carpenter from Carole and Tuesday
  7. Gilda from The Promised Neverland
  8. Anne from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Favorite character # 1: Komugi from Hunter x Hunter

Komugi in Hunter x Hunter, was one of Bartley’s first roles in an anime. Komugi is blind and physically very weak, but she’s also the greatest Gungi player in the world. Gungi is a strategic board game requiring a lot of mental prowess. Unintentionally, Komugi becomes the very person to save the world from Meruem, king of the chimera ants. She teaches him that living beings can have value in different forms beyond physical strength and builds a deep emotional connection with him.


Favorite character # 2: Young Kyojuro Rengoku from Demon Slayer

In Demon Slayer, which had the highest-grossing anime film and Japanese film of all time, according to, Bartley voiced young Kyojuro Rengoku. Rengoku is the legendary Flame Hashira, a demon slayer that fights using a sword and the the Flame Breathing technique. He has a warm heart and a fiery passion to take care of the people around him.


Favorite character # 3: Tsubomi Takane from Mob Psycho 100

One of Ryan Bartley’s favorite anime is Mob Psycho 100. She voices Tsubomi Takane, the girl Mob, our main character, has a crush on. Tsubomi isn’t very talkative, but she cares deeply for her friends. Throughout the show we see her encouraging and watching out for them. In the scene below, Tsubomi doesn’t appear until the end of the clip, but it’s such a significant and touching moment for all three characters involved.

Favorite character # 4: Ram from Re:Zero

Ryan Bartley plays the stand-offish Ram from Re:Zero. Ram is the twin sister of Rem and a maid for Roswaal L Mathers who she regards very highly. Although self-centered, Ram cares for her sister very much.


Favorite character # 5: Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion

In 2019, Netflix released a new English dub of the classic Neon Genesis Evangelion. Ryan Bartley was cast as Rei Ayanami in the project. Rei is an aloof and stoic girl who takes her job very seriously. She pilots an Evangelion unit, a giant robot, responsible for defending Earth from Angels.

Favorite character # 6: Angela Carpenter from Carole and Tuesday

Like Bartley, Angela from Carole and Tuesday is also an actor. Angela began acting and modelling as a child, but by unfortunate circumstances becomes a puppet to her agent. Wanting to achieve her dream of being a star, Angela undergoes torture to scientifically perfect her singing. Bartley lends Angela her speaking voice in this Netflix series.

Favorite character # 7: Gilda from The Promised Neverland

In The Promised Neverland, Bartley plays Gilda, a smart and reserved girl who wants to help her friends. Gilda grew up an orphan along with many other children. However, upon learning the secret of the orphanage Gilda becomes a key member in the plan to escape.


Favorite character # 8: Anne from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Ryan Bartley reveals how much fun it was to play Anne from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure because they have opposing personalities. Anne is a spitfire with tenacious attitude, while Bartley is much less aggressive. Being a stowaway and a child isn’t enough to clear anyone of suspicion in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Watch the video below to see how Anne fights her way out of enemy accusation.


Meet Ryan Bartley at Anime St. Pete

You’ll have the chance to meet Ryan Bartley at Anime St. Pete in St. Petersburg, Florida September 17-18. Anime St. Pete is a brand new con and St. Petersburg’s first anime convention! It’s being held at The Coliseum, the same venue St. Pete Comic Con was held at in January 2022. Anime St. Pete tickets are on sale, and vendor booths are available.

Anime St. Pete logo

Anime St. Pete goes big with a line-up of six popular anime voice actors

The new con is going big with six anime voice actors. In addition to Bartley, five others have been announced. Here are the voice actors scheduled for Anime St. Pete:

  • Dallas Reid, who voices Asta from Black Clover and Zack from Angels of Death (below, first row left)
  • Bryson Baugus, who voices Shoyo Hinata from Haikyu!! and Falco Grice from Attack on Titan (below, first row right)
  • Aaron Dismuke, who voices Tamaki Amajiki from My Hero Academia and Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist (below, second row left)
  • Jill Harris, who voices Noelle Silva from Black Clover and Chiyo Yumehara from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (below, second row right)
  • Chris Guerrero, who voices Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord and Shadow from Sk8 the Infinity (below, third row)



Anime St. Pete featuring the best anime cosplayers in the state

Also, Anime St. Pete features a roster of the top anime cosplayers in Florida, all of whom have appeared (or scheduled to appear) in Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine. Two of the guest cosplayers have been announced, with four more to be shared by late-April. The guest cosplayers are judges in the various contests. And each has a booth with merch (stop by and say hi!)

Abradorable is a guest cosplayer at Anime St. Pete

DanaduhBuffalo is a guest cosplayer at Anime St. Pete

Anime St. Pete offers fans four exciting contests

Additionally, the new anime convention is offering four contests, which includes two popular staples and two innovations. The two fan favorites are a cosplay contest and a lip sync competition. And the two new challenges include an Anime Fan Art Competition and an Anime Tiktok Film Festival. Awards include cash prizes, cool medals, and free tickets to upcoming cons in Florida.

Anime St Pete Cosplay Contest graphic      Anime St Pete Lip Sync Competition

Anime St Pete Fan art contest graphic      Anime St Pete Tiktok Film Festival Contest


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