Anime 101: To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity is an emotional shonen that forces the protagonist to experience what it means to be alive by creating meaningful relationships and confronting death repeatedly. The manga began serialization is Shonen Weekly Magazine in November 2016. To Your Eternity comes from the same creator of a Silent Voice, Yoshitoki Oima. The anime is also ranked among the top 10 anime to watch on HBO Max. Season two begins streaming October 23.


To Your Eternity starts with an orb being placed into the world by a god because the god wanted to observe how the orb will interact with the world and how it will confront adversity. When the orb lands it takes on the form of the first living this it came into contact with: moss. Eventually a wolf happens to get injured and collapses on the moss until it dies. The orb then takes the form of the wolf. Taking on the appearance of dead things will be how the orb traverses the world.

As the wolf, the orb meets an unnamed boy in the tundra and learns humanity exists, but it doesn’t understand what that means. One day an accident occurs and the wolf becomes the boy. This will become the orbs preferred form.

As the boy travels, he comes across a little girl named March, who decided he is too helpless to survive on his owns and wants to act as his “mother.” March gives him the name Fushi, after the word for immortal, and continues to care for him.

March in one of the few children in her village. She is a happy little girl that loves to play house with Parona and dreams of growing up to be a mother. Parona is a teenage girl that suddenly appeared in the village one day, but her hard work and gentle attitude led everyone in the village to love her as one of their own. She also has incredible athletic ability and acts as one of the villages guards.

Every year one village in the land of Ninannah is chosen to be take part in a special ceremony to appease a monster. Unfortunately, this mean a child from the village is chosen as a sacrifice. March is chosen. Parona in her desire to keep March safe, kidnaps her, but also gets captured by Hayase, the leader of the group who want to sacrfice March. Fushi defeats the monster and Hayase to rescue Parona and March.

The foundation of emotions and world outlook that March and Parona gave him will shape his interactions with others for all of his future adventures. Though they go their separate ways, they will always be a part of him.

Where to Watch

You can watch To Your Eternity on HBO Max and Crunchyroll

Cosplay Options

If you want to cosplay from To Your Eternity there are a couple easy options to keep in mind.


Fushi is curious and still learning about himself and he world. He has white hair in a short ponytail, a brown coat, and brown boots. He is dressed to keep warm. Fushi’s costume can be easily purchased online if you don’t want to make it.


March is a young girl who dreams of being a mom. SHe has dark hair and wears a light brown dress with red trim. She also wears a rope headband. March’s dress can also be found online.


Parona is headstrong but deeply empathetic. She has wavey dark hair often in a low ponytail. She wears a light brown dress with red trim, just like March. She also wears wraps of fabric on her legs and torso for when she needs to be more athletic. Parona’s dress can also be found online.

Meet the Voice Actos

You can meet the voices of Fushi and Parona at St. Pete Comic Con on January 7-8, 2023

Jacob Hopkins as Fushi


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Valeria Rodriguez as Parona


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Meet To Your Eternity!! Voice Actors at St. Pete Comic Con

You’ll have the chance to meet Jacob Hopkins and Valeria Rodriguez of To Your Eternity at St. Pete Comic Con in St. Petersburg, Florida January 7-8. St. Pete Comic Con is back for its second year! It’s being held at The Coliseum, the same venue St. Pete Comic Con 2022 and Anime St. Pete was held last year. St. Pete Comic Con tickets are on sale now. 

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