4 exciting reasons to attend Brick City Anime Festival 2023

Brick City Anime Festival is coming up February 11-12 at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, and Florida Comic Cons is giving you 4 exciting reasons to attend.

Reason #1: 8 Anime voice actors

Eight is a lot of anime voice actors in one place, making if difficult for a fan not to attend! Here’s the list of the guest voice actors who portray characters in popular shows like Demon Slayer, One Punch Man, Tokyo Revengers, Sailor Moon, Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia, Soul Eater, and Bleach: Voice actors Ray Chase, Max Mittelman, Aleks Lee, Robbie Daymond, Newton Pittman, Leah Clark, Andy McArthur, and Annie Yatco. And four of the voice actors play characters in Jujutsu Kaisen (image below). More info on voice actors at the guests section of the con’s website.



Reason #2: 14 guest cosplayers

Similar to reason #1, 14 is a lot of guest cosplayers in one place, making it very hard for a fan of the artform not to attend! The roster of guest cosplayers (in alpha order): Abradorable, BlackFlame16, Breezy_cos, CaughtRedHeaded, Charmanda, Gravity Gremlin, ItsTaylorTott, Jonesy.Cosplays, KendelB, Lunarnoir, Nicoolinn, Nikkosplay, PeachyPeachesCosplays, and SoupNinjaHa. You can see all of the guests here. And below is Abradorable on the cover of Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine’s March 2022 issue- check out her feature.


Reason #3: Mirai Maid Cafe

Mirai Maid Cafe is known for causing many smiles and happy faces among its guests. And we think their appearance at Brick City Anime Festival 2023 will be much of the same. The group brings their café experience complete with savory foods, desserts, and of course…that Meido Magic!! ٩(^◡^)۶. So be prepared to be entertained with Kawaii Maids, yummy treats and an amazing set of performances by the Mirai Maids themselves!!

In addition, Mirai Maid Cafe will be at Sunshine City Scare on May 13-14 at the historic Coliseum in St. Petersburg. This new breed of horror convention features anime horror, which means the perfectly cute Mirai Maid Cafe will become perfectly spooky and evil! Learn more about Sunshine City Scare.



Reason #4: Gwen-Stacy will be there! (along with Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine)

Gwen-Stacy, public figure and star reporter for Florida Comic Cons, will be at Brick City Anime Festival 2023. Please say hello to her. She loves to be petted and included in your photos. If you’re not familiar with the rising talent, she has a weekly social media post (Instagram and Facebook) each Wednesday titled “Gwensday” where she shares a little of her big life.


Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine will be at Brick City Anime Festival, too

In addition to Gwen-Stacy, Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine will be there looking for talented cosplayers to feature in the March issue. Here’s the February issue that includes photo galleries of St. Pete Comic Con 2023 and Central Florida Comic Con 2023 as well as a cosplayer feature and some MegaCon Orlando 2023 preparation tips.


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