2 big reasons to attend Hero Hype comic cons

Hero Hype is a growing comic con brand with annual events in three Florida cities: Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Hero Hype comic cons — which focus on gaming, comics and anime — easily made our 2020 Con Calendar, a month-by-month listing of legit comic cons throughout Florida. https://floridacomiccons.com/events/

We spoke with Carlos Soto, owner of Hero Hype, Inc., to gain a better understanding of the Hero Hype con brand. Here are two of the many reasons we think you should attend the events.

# 1: You will enjoy a small comic con vibe

The comic con experience is dramatically different based on the size of the con, with large and small events offering somewhat different benefits.

The big cons like Megacon Orlando that attracts 500,000 and Tampa Bay Comic Convention that brings together 50,000 offer lots of big celebrities from movies and TV like Michael J. Fox and the cast of Back to the Future and Jason Momoa from Aquaman. The large cons have the excitement of a big sporting event or concert, except way cooler because it’s a comic con. And while the crowds are large, there are far worse things than waiting in lines among thousands of like-minded geeks who are cosplaying.

The small cons, like Hero Hypes that attract nearly 1,000 per event, focus on artists rather than movie celebs. The spotlight might be smaller, but a much larger portion of it shines on local, talented creatives like pop-culture critics Random Ramblings Productions that provide reactions and reviews and author Alexander McCarty.

Like smaller events of any type, there is a friendliness and warmth among attendees that doesn’t occur at larger events with tens of thousands of people. Smaller crowds may mean you’re able to spend more time getting to know the artists and other exhibitors, which can also introduce you to new cosplayers and novel parts of the comic con community.

Simply put, Hero Hype events have the small comic con vibe. https://www.herohype.com/home.html

# 2: Hero Hype comic cons are within a 2 ½ hour drive for most Floridians

Unless you live in northwest Florida, you’re likely within a 2 ½ hour drive to a Hero Hype comic con. Hero Hype started in Miami before expanding into Orlando and soon-to-be in Tampa.

Here’s the history and upcoming dates, keeping in mind COVID-19 could cause postponements (check our Con Calendar that is kept updated with event postponements and cancellations: https://floridacomiccons.com/events/

  • Hero Hype Miami is in its eighth year with its upcoming event on May 30th at the Miami Airport Convention Center.
  • Hero Hype Orlando in its fourth year with the next event on May 18th at Avanti Palms Resort, followed by another on September 5th at Holiday Inn Kirkman Road (across from Universal Studios).
  • Hero Hype Tampa, in its first year, is scheduled for May 9th at Holiday Inn North Westshore Boulevard.

Use our Plan Your Trip tool to make it easy to get you and your peeps or family to any comic con in Florida. It calculates time, distance and fuel cost, as well as provides route options, maps and a point-by-point scheme (and yes, it’s free). https://floridacomiccons.com/plan-your-tour/

Preparing for events during coronavirus

Hero Hype informed us at upcoming events in addition to hotel precautions there will be extra staff using disinfectant wipes on surfaces, paying very close attention to gaming equipment.

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