10 Florida Cosplayers You Need to Know About

Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine May/June issue released

Our Florida Cosplay Search to find talent around the state was incredibly successful! Much like John Wick’s request to the Sommelier in John Wick Chapter 2, we needed something “robust and precise,” as well as “big, bold.” And much like Mr. Wick, our requests were answered. The cosplayers’ imaginations are robust. The costumes are precise to characters. The cosplay style is big, bold.

Nine cities are represented in this issue. There are cosplayers representing South Florida from Miami and West Palm Beach, and Southwest Florida from Fort Myers. Farther north and up the east coast, we have cosplayers from Palm Bay and Jacksonville. From the Panhandle we have a cosplayer from Pensacola. Orlando, Tampa, and St. Petersburg also are represented.

This issue features a blend of beginners to watch with more experienced cosplayers whose talents are certain to shine brighter each year. We call them “10 Florida Cosplayers You Need to Know About.”

Enjoy our May/June issue: https://the-caruthers-institute.foleon.com/florida-comic-cons/may-june-2020-copy-1-copy-1/cover-issue-1/

Best place to see Florida cosplayers is at comic conventions in The Sunshine State

Florida Comic Cons, which published Florida Cosplay Digital Magazine, keeps a Con Map to illustrate where the annual conventions are happening. Also, for more information like a monthly listing of events, venues and tickets costs, as well as updates on event postponements and cancellations, visit the Florida Comic Con Calendar https://www.floridacomiccons.com/events/